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Megan's Famous "Oops, Wrong Gochujang" Korean Chili

This is, without any doubt, the best chili recipe on this planet earth. Rich, deep, sweet, spicy, incredibly complex and flavorful. How did I find it? Entirely by accident. I went searching for chili recipes, and found this awesome recipe. In the recipe, it calls for "¼ cup gochugaru"... but apparently I need glasses, because I read "gochujang." Gochugaru is Korean red chili powder. Gochujang (I used Haechandle brand) is a sweet chili paste. I remember thinking it was odd to throw gochujanginto a recipe. But I'll be damned if it isn't the most incredible chili I've ever had.

So try it - use this Korean spiced chilli recipe, but use gochujang instead of gochugaru - and be prepared to be amazed.